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Accuracy + quality

Our Philosophy

Gone are the days of getting locked into a single vendor. We provide our clients with accurate and quality testing across multiple providers in a single technology platform. As your needs change, you can quickly switch fulfillment partners without bringing operations to a halt.

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Flexible Platform


Our web-based platform delivers the screening processes you need throughout the employment lifecycle. Our integration toolkit seamlessly integrates with your ATS, HRIS and legacy-based systems through standard API, REST API and file format integrations.

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Industry Experts


Industry experts with an extensive knowledge in compliance form the foundation of our team. We can support all facets of your program, including federal- and state-compliant background screening, HIPAA-compliant clinical testing, OSHA-compliant testing requirements, DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing program compliance, and more.

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A one-stop solution

Why AOS?

AOS takes a unique approach so organizations can remain nimble as their needs change. We comprehensively vet fulfillment partners through our stringent vendor prequalification program, and we seamlessly integrate them in a single technology platform.

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A Better Way to Screen and Retain Top Talent

applya combines all the screening solutions you need in a single, flexible technology platform.

Manage the entire employment lifecycle from a single application and adjust fulfillment partners with ease as your needs change — without the disruption that comes from a complete vendor transition. We have decades of experience in testing collections and protocol, and we pride ourselves on meeting our clients’ needs over the long haul.

Management & solutions for Every Business

applya is a technology-driven aggregator of applicant, student, contractor and employee screening solutions. We integrate pre-vetted fulfillment partners into a best-in-class technology platform so you get the functionality you need without having to learn the ins and outs of multiple software applications.

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  • Integrated Workflow Management

    We provide drug and alcohol testing program design, site protocoling, documentation standardization, billing support & more.

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  • Clinical & Occupational Testing

    From clinical testing to OSHA testing related to job and safety requirements, we are your one-stop shop for your DOT and non-DOT program needs.

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  • Background Screening

    When adding to your team, find assets, not roadblocks. We’re partners with NAPBS-certified providers with proven data security and compliance expertise to ensure that you are making sound hiring decisions for your company.

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  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Our expertise spans DOT and non-DOT testing, onsite or remote drug and alcohol testing, policy development, program organization and employee training for better occupational health.

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  • Our Network

    Our nationwide lab/clinical network and online platform make it easy for you to get the services and support you need anytime, anywhere.

  • Problem Solving

    We help our clients tackle drug and alcohol policy, program management and compliance, employee background screens for qualified applicants, consolidated billing, streamlined data management and more.

Specialized for your Needs Industry Expertise

  • Government

    Government Protect your public servants

    Keep public servants and the communities they serve safe with comprehensive background screening, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health, clinical testing and wellness programs. applya is an active participant in Public Sector Group Purchasing Organizations, such as MMCAP, to streamline your sourcing processes.

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  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Provide a holistic screening experience

    Centralize all screening processes into a single, integrated technology solution. Customized workflows help students, schools and hospitals manage regulatory and policy compliance with ease.

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  • Transportation

    Transportation Drive efficiency and compliance

    Improve fleet and driver safety with DOT background check solutions, driver qualification files and post-accident drug testing, and meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) compliance requirements.

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  • Energy

    Energy Fuel your team’s growth

    Safety is paramount when it comes to hiring qualified oil and gas employees and contractors. Our technology provides production facilities and contractor suppliers with web-based tools to manage the complicated workforce credentialing program, and is fully integrated into industry-leading access control, training and credentialing software applications.

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  • Aviation

    Aviation Take safety and compliance to new heights

    When it comes to the aviation industry, there’s no room for error. Watch your hiring process soar with comprehensive employment, education and criminal background checks, license and certification verification, and alcohol & drug testing.

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    Let someone else do the heavy lifting for a change. Learn more
    about our comprehensive screening solutions today!

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Start Your Partnership

With background screening and lab testing services all across the United States, applya puts you in the driver’s seat throughout the employment lifecycle. No more painful, time-consuming software integrations when you’re ready to make a change. Integrate with applya once, and we’ll do the rest.

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Become a Network Provider

applya is able to provide the highest-quality testing services thanks to our nationwide network of clinics and highly trained collection specialists. Joining our network increases your facilities’ exposure, which in turn helps to expand your business with future workers’ compensation and family medical services.

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