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Diagnostic and Safety Products

Access to raw material, production schedules, and logistics for the overseas supply chain present a challenge to securing Coronavirus medical supplies consistently and cost-effectively. In addition, regulatory change globally continues to shift as the FDA continues to ensure safe, compliant personal protective equipment is used in the U.S.

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applya can manage your return to school and work PPE and diagnostic supply needs

applya is focused on meeting the unique market dynamics by qualifying domestic production sources as well as vetting providers of wholesale COVID supplies abroad. As the nation moves forward through the process of vaccination distribution, toward recovery – we all need to be prepared for the months ahead and take a different approach to ensure that both healthcare and key government agencies have access to personal protective equipment.

applya’s Strategic Stockpile Reserve Plan is a multi-state strategic approach to ensure that state governments and essential workers can secure access to key supply chain partners.

The Process:

→ Planning – review product needs, pool volumes to forecast and customize the delivery schedule based on short- and long-term needs.

→ Sourcing – secure production schedules for 90-120 day period, both domestically and overseas through our Pre-Qualified Vendor Management Program.

→ Logistics – develop a customized delivery schedule with fully integrated shipping and delivery via air, sea, and land.

→ Review and Adjustment – review product performance and costs for adjustment every 90 days.

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applya is your trusted source for safety and diagnostic products since 2013.



Unlike some other coronavirus PPE supplier resources, applya does not require pre-payment. Our customized fulfillment process is designed to meet your needs now and anticipate and deliver for future needs as well.

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