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applyaSelf Digital Credential Wallets

With applyaSelf from applya, providers and employees in the enterprise, transportation, government, education, and healthcare fields can easily display their credentials and vaccinations and schedule drug or other occupational tests. This product, which can be integrated into your existing HRIS and ATS systems, was designed to enable seamless employee life cycle management, providing a hub for:

• Data
• Data and/or case management
• Credentialing data


Solutions for Any Business

applyaSelf digital credential wallets help organizations run more smoothly and ensure they are compliant, with benefits that include:

Portability: Because it is mobile, this product can be accessed anywhere, at any time that it is needed.
Long-term storage: The information that is stored in the digital credential wallets can be kept there long term, so it is ready to be shared with anyone who needs it.
Push notifications: This platform provides users with push notifications for upcoming events, such as scheduling a drug test or occupational screening, buying and completing background screening, training classes, credential verification, physical exams, and more.


Student & Employee Lifecycle Management Made Simple

The process for using this blockchain credentialing system is simple. Users access their provider credentialing wallet, look for the requested items, order the item, pay for it, and then the information such as copies of their invoices showing proof of payment, test results, and more can be presented to the parties who need it. This information is available at any time that it is needed.

Our healthcare digital licensing management tools, along with our wallets for other industries, allow organizations to make sure employees stay up to date on clinical requirements. We also provide support for drug and alcohol testing, with a nationwide network of over 10,000 testing providers who process more than 1 million tests annually and a team with decades of experience supporting these programs. Your organization can utilize this tool as a digital hub for skills, licensure, and more to make running their operations smoother and compliant.