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applyaSelf for Students: Digital Certifications Wallets

applyaSelf for Students: Digital Certifications Wallets

Digital Credentials & What They Can Do for Your Organization Part I

applyaSelf for Students is applya’s digital certifications wallet portal that provides a one-stop location for medical and dental students to schedule drug screening tests, clinical background screenings, and more. When needed, students can easily display their credentials, vaccinations, and other required screenings on their mobile device.

College students have a lot on their plates, from attending classes, studying for tests, and completing projects, to participating in extracurricular activities and possibly even working a part-time job. With all of these activities comes a lot of things to keep track of – assignments, schedules, etc. – and our medical credentialing software helps to lessen the number of places where students need to keep track of their daily lives.

To use this blockchain for higher learning system, students access their mobile credentialing wallet, find the required drug screening or clinical background screening, order the screening, and can then access information including copies of their invoices that show proof of payment, test results, and more. The information can quickly and easily be accessed any time that it is needed. Use of this portal is simple:

1. The student selects their school.
2. The student views which tests they need to schedule and pay for.

3. The student pays for their screening services through the portal.
4. Upon payment, the student is presented with authorization documentation.
5. The student can then schedule the test.

Medical and dental school administrators can make sure their students are staying up to date on screenings in one convenient portal with our mobile credentials for colleges software. Through a single log-in experience, administrators can:

• Order screenings
• View orders and statuses
• Drill down into orders to view results statuses and results
• Access detailed drug screening reports

The applyaSelf for Students digital certifications wallet provides benefits to both the student and the school administrators. Contact applya today to begin using this portal to make running your institution smoother and more compliant.