A Woman in a Gray Blazer Holds and Looks at a Tablet While Sitting at a Desk with an Open Laptop on ItHealthcare organizations and government entities are beginning to utilize blockchain technology for credential verification. This allows users to have mobile, on-the-go access to all of the credentials they need that are shareable and verifiable anywhere in the world. By helping schools, hospitals, and students manage all of their clinical testing and background screening needs in a single digital credentials wallet, your organization can:

∙ Simplify your hiring and clinical placement process.
∙ Easily manage your regulatory and policy compliance requirements.
∙ Streamline the student experience with integrated technology solutions.
∙ Enable portability and reciprocity through standardization.
∙ Reduce costs by automating common tasks and leveraging larger-pool discounts.

Not only can healthcare organizations utilize this digital credentials wallet tool as a digital hub for skills, licensure, and more to make running their operations smoother and compliant, but they can also use it for scheduling and tracking drug, alcohol, and other occupational tests.

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