Closeup of a Man’s Arms and Hands Typing on a LaptopSchools, hospitals, and students are utilizing applya’s blockchain credentialing system to show off credentials and keep track of certifications in an easy-to-access, verify, and share mobile platform.

Clinical Testing: We provide comprehensive occupational health and clinical testing solutions by partnering with providers who have met stringent credentialing requirements for clinical placement and compliance tracking. These case management tools fit into your organizations existing workflows to ensure your staff stays up to date on clinical requirements, and our nationwide network of over 10,000 testing providers process more than 1 million drug and alcohol tests a year.

Background Screening: Our full portfolio of NAPBS-certified background screening services is a mobile-enabled platform that allows users to quickly and efficiently apply on a branded web portal and view reports online. Hiring managers can also find and take necessary training within the platform, and easily integrate careLearning’s content to further support program and compliance requirements.

Student Screening: Students no longer have to visit multiple websites, upload documents, and pay multiple parties. With our platform, students can cost-effectively apply, order, and view reports online, and this solution can be integrated into your clinical placement software so that you can keep track throughout the entire process.

Let applya do the heavy lifting when it comes to credentialing and screening. Our blockchain credentialing system puts the power in your hands in one streamlined, mobile platform.


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