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Do you have an Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Program?

Conducting a background check is a crucial step when hiring a new employee.  While the background check is a useful tool for looking into a potential employee’s past, what safeguards do you have in place after an employee is hired?

Current employees may present an even greater risk than job applicants. You’ve invested time and money to recruit, onboard, and train employees. Furthermore, they already work on your premises, have access to company property, and may interface with customers, vendors, and the general public as a representative your organization.

What is the threat?

  • Employees are responsible for 60% of losses due to fraud, info and property thefts
  • In a recent survey of large organizations with $250mm in revenue, KPMG reported that 36% suffered fraud of $1 million or more
  • In fact, Certified Fraud Examiners reported that 6% of revenue annually is lost to occupational fraud. Let’s use another metric and you can calculate yours….Multiply $9 a day per employee and see what  impact occupational fraud will potentially have on your organization.

The US Dept of Commerce reports that 30% of all business failures result from fraud and embezzlement.

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How can I better safeguard my Business, Employees and Customers?

applya’s Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Program enables companies to better protect their brands, workplaces and relationships from risk. Our Monitoring Program is an FCRA-compliant tool that will allow employers to monitor criminal record activity of existing employees and contractors in near real-time.  This innovative tool provides alerts to employers whenever an employee or contractor has a reportable criminal records history after they begin working for the employer – giving employers the opportunity to initiate intervention or adverse action, without waiting for a periodically scheduled re-screen.

How does Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Program Work?

With ongoing criminal monitoring, applya’s prequalified vendors will screen your current employees through our national criminal database on a monthly basis to confirm the employee’s continued eligibility for employment under your criminal background policy. This service can only be performed on current employees who have been previously screened through vendors in the applya pre-qualified vendor program.

You will only receive notification when new hits are found. We will send you an email reminder when itis time to renew your monitoring service for another year. You can remove the name being monitored at any time.

Do consider that while our goal is to update our instant database with new counties and new county records regularly, it is possible that a traditional on-premise courthouse search would provide more up-to-date information and could, for example, show that a criminal record with a pending case status in our instant data base has been recently dismissed.

What are the next steps?

Enroll Employees into the Monitoring Program
Provide applya with a current employee roster, or subset of roster, to monitor for changes to an employee’s criminal records history.

Criminal Activity

The Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Tool conducts a comprehensive search to locate relevant criminal activity.


The located information is cross-referenced against the employee roster to ensure a match.


Once confirmed, the charge/s in question are confirmed directly through the reporting agency (Courthouse, Clerk Courts Office, Police Dept. etc..).


After being confirmed and vetted the employer is alerted of the activity.


The employer is provided a consumer report.


The employer now has the information to initiate intervention or begin the adverse action process

The applya Difference

The Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Program searches the following on a monthly basis

  • 640+ Million Total Records
  • Over 3,400 sources
  • 1700+ counties covered
  • 180+ National Sex Offender sources
  • 2.9 Million offender records
  • 80 national and international Security Watch List sources
  • Data from 70 Department of Correction Sources


Exclusion of terminated employees to ensure only active employees are monitored

Able to begin as early as 1-month post-hire

FCRA Compliant Process

Ongoing Criminal Monitoring FAQs

When can I enroll new employees?

You will have the ability to enroll an employee in the monitoring program on a monthly basis


How often is the databased queried?

The database is queried on a monthly basis


If a record is found, do you verify the record?

All records are verified through the reporting agency in accordance with the FCRA before being returned to the employer