Drug Testing Cannot Be Overlooked

Seasonal employees can often be dismissed by employers as needing drug testing, whether it’s because they don’t believe it’s worth it or they simply don’t care. However, drug testing is economical and mandatory testing is important for those seasonal workers that assume a higher level of responsibility. If you are an employer and don’t bother to drug test, the safety and productivity of your company or organization go down and you are at a higher risk for liability. Below are some of the top jobs that rely on safe, drug-free seasonal workers (for both teens and adults.)

Lifeguards are responsible for thousands of men, women, and children’s lives, both at the beach and at the pool. While those locations pose specific, yet different problems, they both require an extreme level of alertness and awareness at all times. your drug-free workplace policy needs to include drug testing. This is to ensure that all lifeguards are functioning to the best of their abilities consistently to keep other staff and patrons safe from any harm.

With school out, or nearly out, for the summer, kids will be packing up their bug spray and kissing their video games goodbye before they head to camp. No employer, parent, or employee wants a tragedy to occur because the drug tests were overlooked. Summer camp counselor is a fun job for seasonal workers, but it also needs to be taken with seriousness — they’re in charge of lives. Water sports, archery, tall trees to climb, and wild critters are camp staples that can easily turn deadly. Drug testing makes certain counselors are at camp to do their job, not to get paid to sit around on a lake.

There’s pretty good money in seasonal construction work, but these jobs can be very dangerous. Hazards are aplenty with concrete, steel, power tools, and large equipment around, not to mention the heat they work under. It’s a big gamble if employees aren’t completely sober; they could do shoddy work which can lead to an accident in the future or hurt someone on the site because of their drug use.

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