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Employment Screening

Employment screening helps businesses confirm that their new or prospective hires are the right fit for the job. From substance testing to in-depth background investigations into applicants’ personal lives via social media, we handle it all.

Hiring Process

Recruiting and onboarding new employees can prove time-consuming and all but impossible. Whether you run a small company or have an entire HR department, we offer comprehensive solutions to expedite the hiring process.

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Background Screening

Many job applicants leave out essential information or may misrepresent themselves. A simple solution to this dilemma is an in-depth background screening. Ensure that each person is who they say they are with a comprehensive data verification.

Background screenings are a common way to verify a job seeker’s information and history. Details such as location records, work experience, and other data confirm that a candidate is up-front about who they are and where they have been.

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Criminal History Checks

Depending on the industry, a job candidate’s criminal history can pose a hazard to your organization. In many areas, court records are costly to access, making such data impossible to obtain for many business owners.

With our help, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your employees are subject to thorough vetting

Social Media Screening

In today’s digital age, traditional background checks often aren’t enough. Though companies need to know whether their prospective employees have a criminal record, negative social media exposure can be just as off-putting.

A social media screening surveys applicants’ information to determine whether they are a “safe” hire. Instead of hiring people who pose a public relations risk, opt for a social media screening to weed out undesirable candidates.


Sex Offender Records

Though the law requires many organizations to hire people regardless of criminal background, there are exceptions. For organizations which require working with children or other vulnerable populations, a sex offender records check is crucial.

Referencing sex offender records ensures that your organization does not hire someone who could pose a safety risk to your clients. And in many cases, companies which rent space near schools or other areas children congregate may deny employment to offenders based on the geographical location alone.

Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is vital to the safety and wellbeing of many companies and their employees. Whether your company handles heavy machinery or deals directly with the public, a clean drug test is essential. Outsourcing these tests is a helpful way to cut down on internal time spent, too. Managing this necessary but involved process is best left to the professionals rather than your HR team.

Click here for Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs

Social Security Tracing

The law requires most companies to use social security numbers to verify applicants’ histories. Therefore, social security tracing is a basic component of your company background check. Tracing can show an applicant’s current and past addresses, name changes, and more. Plus, you can ensure your employees are using verified social security numbers that belong to them.


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