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In business, the only constant is change. So why not take the guesswork out of hiring and compliance? applya offers a comprehensive portfolio of global occupational health and screening services in a single technology platform that can be integrated into your existing environment. Regardless of your organization’s size, our team can tailor your solution to your industry’s unique and ever-evolving challenges and regulatory requirements. Our extensive expertise in the markets we serve means you can meet your business objectives with confidence.


When it comes to recruiting talent in the aviation industry, there’s no room for error. Watch your hiring process soar with comprehensive employment, education and criminal background checks, license and certification verification, and drug & alcohol testing — in a single technology platform. Simplify and accelerate the hiring process with built-in compliance and configurable integrated workflow management tools tailored to your industry. We understand the ins and out of FAA, PRIA and DOT regulations, so you can take safety and compliance to new heights. And as requirements change, you can be sure your technology can quickly adapt, leaving you more time to focus on the hardworking people who get your business off the ground.


Safety is paramount when it comes to hiring energy employees and contractors. Our technology provides production facilities and contractor suppliers with secure, web-based tools to manage the complicated workforce credentialing program, and is fully integrated into industry-leading access control, training and credentialing software applications. Fuel your team’s growth by only giving the most qualified people access to secure facilities using comprehensive background checks, substance abuse testing and clinical testing tailored to your industry’s unique requirements. Employees and contractors can easily access your branded web portal to order, schedule and manage their workforce compliance obligations. And when it comes to policy and regulatory requirements, such as 49 CFR Part 199 of the PHMSA pipeline safety program or secure access facilities, we’ve got you covered.


Transportation accidents are responsible for 40 percent of all workplace fatalities. Improve fleet and driver safety with DOT background check solutions, driver qualification files and post-accident drug testing, and meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) compliance requirements such as 49 CFR 382. As a charter member of BITA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance), applya is helping to develop and embrace a new framework and standards for the development of new screening applications impacting transportation and logistics. Our goal is to work with the industry to develop technology that will reduce costs, streamline processes and improve transparency through an open exchange of information between key transportation nodes.

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