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applya offers a comprehensive portfolio of occupational health and screening solutions for state and federal government agencies as well as state-run hospitals, universities and technical schools. Whether you source your contracts directly or through a group purchasing organization (GPO), applya can help ensure only the right people get access to our nation’s public institutions.

Occupational Health and Clinical Services

With a nationwide network of clinics and a vast array of occupational health and clinical testing solutions, applya is your one-stop shop. We offer a wide range of services, including physical exams (DOT regulated and unregulated), clinical testing, inoculations and more. Additionally, state-owned hospitals, medical facilities and technical schools can make clinical placements with ease.

Background Screening

applya offers a full portfolio of NAPBS-certified background screening services. Our mobile-enabled platform lets applicants and employees easily apply for and view their reports on a branded web portal. In order to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements, your hiring managers can find and take the appropriate training in the applya platform, which offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) portfolio.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Our team will work closely with you to propose and implement a drug and alcohol testing program that adheres to your unique policy and compliance requirements. applya can provide any drug and alcohol testing methods and services you might need, including lab-based urine, hair and oral fluid testing as well as Point of Care/Collection Test (POCT) devices. We’re also active members in large group purchasing organizations, such as the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) to minimize or eliminate the cumbersome RFP process.

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