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Manage your clinical testing, background screening and compliance requirements with confidence — and get back to what you do best.

Clinical Testing

applya excels in providing comprehensive occupational health and clinical testing solutions. We’ve partnered with providers such as myClinicalExchange that have met stringent credentialing requirements for clinical placement and compliance tracking.

Our case management tools fit into your existing workflows to ensure your staff remain up to date on clinical requirements. Additionally, our nationwide network of 10,000 laboratory providers processes more than one million drug and alcohol tests annually, and our management team has decades of experience supporting these types of programs.

Background Screening

applya offers a full portfolio of NAPBS-certified background screening services. Our mobile-enabled platform lets users apply quickly and efficiently on a branded web portal. Applicants, employees and students can easily apply for and view their reports online, which means you can focus on bigger priorities.

In healthcare, who you hire can literally have life or death consequences. Your hiring managers can find and take the appropriate training in the applya platform, which offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) portfolio. You can also easily integrate careLearning’s content to further support your program and compliance requirements.

Student Screening

Students typically have to visit multiple websites, upload their documents and pay multiple parties. With applya, students can easily and cost-effectively apply, order and view their reports online. In addition, our solution can be fully integrated into your clinical placement software solution, so you remain informed throughout the entire process.

They can even pay for everything in a single platform, and then share those results with you prior to placement. An added bonus? You’ll only get a single, consolidated statement instead of multiple statements from multiple vendors.

Keeping Pace with Changing Demands

applya can help schools, hospitals and students manage all of their clinical testing and background screening needs in a single technology platform.

By centralizing all of your clinical testing and background screening processes in a single technology platform, you can:

  • Simplify your hiring and clinical placement process
  • Manage your regulatory and policy compliance requirements with ease
  • Streamline the student experience through integrated technology solutions
  • Enable portability and reciprocity through standardization
  • Reduce your costs by automating common tasks and leveraging larger-pool discounts
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