A good human resources department is one that runs efficiently, with staff members needing to do very little “busy work.” applya has created resources that significantly reduce the busy workload, allowing administrators to focus on providing the best services to the employees that they serve.

When you first sign on to utilize our screening services, we will help you establish customizable workflows through our initial discovery process. Rather than trying to make your organization’s processes fit with our products, we will customize our products to fit the way that your organization operates.

Let applya help you:

  • Complete billing setup and auditing.
  • Keep a necessary supply of testing and collection materials
  • Navigate the complexities of claims processing and dispute resolution.
  • And more!

Customizable workflows that are designed to fit your human resources organization will ensure that your employees are not bogged down with busywork. We will help you manage and automate tasks, improve accuracy, decrease turnaround time, and reduce cost, and allow your HR managers and other employees to focus on doing their jobs. Additionally, push notifications alert your team when results are available, so you don’t have to spend time continually checking the platform.

Let applya help your human resources team create workflows that fit the way your organization works – not the other way around!


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