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Improve your hiring, safety and compliance with solutions and workflows tailored to your industry. Our extensive expertise in the markets we serve means you can meet your unique policy and regulatory compliance challenges with confidence.


Keep public servants and the communities they serve safe with comprehensive background screening, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health, clinical testing and wellness programs. applya offers a comprehensive portfolio of occupational health and screening solutions for state and federal government agencies as well as state-run hospitals, universities and technical schools. Whether you source your contracts directly or through a group purchasing organization (GPO), applya can help ensure only the right people get access to our nation’s public institutions.

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Schools, hospitals and students can manage all of their clinical testing and background screening needs in a single technology platform. Manage regulatory and policy compliance with ease with customized workflows tailored to the healthcare industry. applya offers a vast array of occupational health services and a nationwide network of clinics. Our solution can be fully integrated into your clinical placement software solution, so you remain informed — and compliant — throughout the entire process. In addition, applya offers a full portfolio of NAPBS-certified background screening and alcohol and drug testing services.

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In business, the only constant is change. So why not take the guesswork out of hiring and compliance? applya offers a comprehensive portfolio of global occupational health and screening services in a single technology platform that can be integrated into your existing environment. Regardless of your organization’s size, our team can tailor your solution to your industry’s unique and ever-evolving challenges and regulatory requirements. Our extensive expertise in the markets we serve means you can meet your business objectives with confidence.

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