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Training is a critical component of your screening program to ensure compliance with regulatory and policy requirements.

Centralize All Your Training Needs

applya offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) portfolio that can be tailored to your unique organizational, industry and regulatory requirements. All of the training modules you need to ensure compliance can be loaded into the LMS tool, which can itself be integrated into your ATS and HRIS systems for content delivery and tracking.

Have existing training modules? We can easily load them onto your branded web portal so that your staff, new hires, employees or students can access everything in one place, including your organization’s onboarding program, site-specific training, certifications and all your ongoing training requirements.

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Consolidate and Automate Many Aspects of Your Training Program

Our technology platform’s integrated workflow management tools extend to your training program, so you can be confident your applicants and employees are taking and completing the courses they need to ensure ongoing compliance — without having to spend time finding, scheduling and tracking the outcome of each one.

Employers and organizations can:

  • Provide easy access to training and development to close skill gaps and stay current on certification
  • View a real-time dashboard for an at-a-glance view of open and completed items
  • Track professional licenses, licensure renewal and certificates, and run reports by license type and expiration
  • Stay on top of upcoming expirations with automated push notifications
  • Automatically escalate to supervisors based on your predefined criteria

Users can:

  • Access all the relevant training modules right from a single location
  • Begin their training immediately
  • Work from anywhere with 24/7 access
  • Print badges and certifications upon successful completion of training
  • Share their results with your organization