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What We Do

Putting Hiring Managers in the Driver’s Seat

Our management team has decades of experience in the screening industry. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. One day, we had a simple but radical idea:

What if we could put hiring managers in the driver’s seat for a change?

Traditionally, HR managers have to go through an in-depth research and evaluation process for each solution in their screening arsenal. When business needs change, the process starts all over again — not to mention the headaches associated with implementing, integrating and migrating to (whew!) an entirely new system.

Choose from a vast network of fulfillment partners

That’s why we created a prequalified vendor marketplace. We’ve done the vetting for you, and our fulfillment partners are incentivized to provide competitive pricing across the board in order to win access to our large-volume clients.

Our nationwide network of clinics and providers provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to cover all your pre- and post-hiring needs, including:

And, instead of having to learn how to use multiple solutions, you can administer and track all of your hiring and testing needs through a single, mobile-friendly technology platform.


Get exactly what you need right now — without getting locked into a single vendor

At applya, we like to think of ourselves as your personal screening consultant. We take a very close look at how you hire, the compliance requirements specific to your industry, any challenges unique to your business and what kind of applicant and recruiter experience you’re looking for.

After a detailed discovery process to identify your business needs, challenges and direction, we will plug in the right vendor for YOU. And, when your business needs change, your technology can easily change along with them.